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Comforting Hands


We have received so much support and love from family, friends and people that have been touched by the stories of our kids. Below are some of the beautiful messages we have received from our donors. Your words mean everything to the children and families affected by this disease, please know how grateful we are 


Krystal & Richard Morrow

Sending much love from your Canadian H-ABC family. Together we can make thishappen !!


I’ve just read this and had no idea! Thank goodness there is hope with this treatment. Let’s all make sure Aggie gets this! Sending you all love Xxxx

Thomas Drake-Lee

10K run dressed as a gorilla to raise £ for Aggie. Aggie and the others need our help urgently

Eleanor Painter

With love Rob, El, George and Grace x

Martin Lovegrove

To a brave young boy and a worthy cause identified for my wife and I by the cast and staff of Come from Away at the Phoenix Theatre in London

The Phelps

Sending all our love and best wishes, Rhys, Claire and Dylan x

Fred and Pam Lyon

Frankie, we have always known you with that amazing smile! All our love . Pam & Fred. Xx

Bill and Olive

Keep scoring Frankie xx

Janice Roberts

Our very best wishes to Frankie. Sending you and the family all our kindest thoughts love from Janice andBrian Roberts xx

Bianca Allsop

Keep fighting guys. Frankie your smile lights up the room, love you lots handsome boy xxx

John Brant

Sending love from everyone at Smith and Brant Theatricals. Very best.

Matthew Ollerton

This is so sad but while there'shope, there's a way! It gives me great joy to make this donation, please do the same, whatever the amount.

Stuart Watson

Such a sad yet inspiring story about Aggie. Can only wish for similar inspiration from scientists and all involved to find a cure quickly.

Graham & Jennie Candy

We pray for a successful outcome and for a breakthrough with the CHOP research intogene therapy. Here's to a successful appeal!

Team Nelmes

Aggie, you are an amazing young lady with a smile always on your face! You are an inspiration to many, especially to us! We love you

Alex (Aunty Lou)

Aggie, my beloved niece, you are wisdom, mischief, resilience and love personified...the best teacher ever xxx

Kim Morgan - Running the London Marathon

H-abc Foundation UK is a charity that has been set up by my friend, Amy, her husband andanother set of parents in the UK. H-abc is a progressive neurological disease that affects approx150 children across the world. This disease robs children of their abilities and ultimately cutslives short.Amy has a son called Frankie who was diagnosed last year. I would love to support this charityin finding a cure.

Will Fletcher

Go H-abc foundation UK!!! I really hope enough can be raised to make the differencethat will help Aggie and all the other children diagnosed. Sending lots of love to Ali, Rich,Siay, Aggie and co!

C & J - Donor

Sending our Love & Support to Dear Aggie and family .C & J 

Ricky Wilde

Hope this helps .. sending love and positive vibes .. Rick and Mandy xxx

Paul and Brenda Sheridan

Love you Frankie xx

The Cameron Family

Wishing you all the positive energy, luck and strength in the world in this fight forFrankie xx


I have just read about this through the Mercury page on Facebook and I am deeply sorry,I have twin boys the same age. I can’t imagine how parents cope.

H-ABC donors


Our children are suffering form this disease which robs them of their abilities and ultimately cuts lives short. We must find a cure to save our kids and other children around the world. 

H-ABC donors



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